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26 April 06 by Carlos

Thanks to Daz, CloseToSofware presents its new home page that is a huge improvement over the past home pages. In addition, CloseToSoftware opens its own Forum too so you can easily talk about our software and even share your skins. The new CD Art Display (formerly Winamp CD Case) is almost ready! So stay tuned and have fun!


Nico says:

I like the new homepage, it looks great! I’m also a huge fan of CD Art Display [formerly know as Winamp CD Case]. Hope that the final version will come out soon. Keep on the good work!

May 1, 03:43 PM

Carlos says:

Thanks Nico. Before 1.0 final there’ll be a last RC (#5).

May 2, 01:13 AM

michael h. from vienna says:

CD Art Display is a wonderful program and i was searching a long time for something like this – THANK YOU!!!

Jun 3, 10:18 AM

catalin says:

hello looome

Jun 3, 08:01 PM

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