CD Art Display RC4

26 April 06 by Carlos

CADCD Art Display (formerly Winamp CD Case) was released today! It supports Winamp, AlbumPlayer, iTunes and Winamp API enabled players such as foobar2000 (with Winamp API Emulator plugin) and MediaMonkey. There are some nice new improvements like a new Control Panel, hotkeys for rating, redesigned context menu, better help file and much more. Click here to read more about it. Don’t forget to check the new Skin Gallery too! Have fun!


123 says:


Apr 27, 02:24 PM

_rust says:


wicked idea, small footprint, great design and reliable.

I wish all software was as good as this.

Apr 27, 06:43 PM

Kristof_clg says:

Excellent app, but i found a bug, when you check “automatic download of cd cover” the song stops for a bit about half a second when the cd cover is loaded, this happens with iTunes, good application, but that bug is really annoying, hope you can fix it!


Apr 27, 10:28 PM

Carlos says:

Hi Kristof_clg, it’s not a CAD bug it’s an iTunes issue. I can’t do nothing about it!

Apr 28, 01:23 AM

Bartman says:

Thanx for this release, winamp CD case rulez! I’m waiting the final version! ;) with the export settings options! ;)

May 3, 10:46 AM

christian says:

and how to download it? the download-link is not linked

May 8, 07:56 AM

Carlos says:

I’ve tested and it’s working. I’m not sure what happened. Here the link anyway:

May 8, 12:36 PM


Sorry, but when i start the program it says:
RuntimeError 48: File not found: GDIPLUS

May 9, 10:33 PM

Carlos says:

Are you running Windows 98/Me? CAD requires Windows XP.

May 10, 08:25 AM

Nico says:

I like this tool very much, but since I use iTunes, there are several things which are not perfect and I hope that they can be fixed:

1) Is it possible to add the CD Art Display starter for iTunes so that I don’t need to start the tool on my own?

2) I use folder.jpg for covers and when I play a song, iTunes or CD Art Display copies the cover to the ID3-Tag. I don’t like that ‘cause it makes my MP3s bigger and there is also a little break while playing this song because the ID3-Tag needs to be saved.

Keep on the good work and thank you for this nice tool!

May 27, 04:49 PM

Carlos says:

1)for now it’s not possible;
2)it’s added! Go to our forum and you can test it right now!

Jun 7, 07:46 AM

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