CD Art Display RC 5

28 September 06 by Carlos

CADRC5CD Art Display RC 5 was released! A lot of improvements were made since RC 4, including mirror and rotation effects, vertical ratings, three independent text lines and notifier background. In addition, Lyrics support was added (read, format, search and submit thanks to and better overall performance (CPU and RAM usage). CD Art Display supports MP3Toys and QMP (QCD) too. Aside to pin to desktop feature CD Art Display is also compatible with Windows Vista RC 1. Finally, new skins were added to the Skins Gallery so you can have even more fun!


patou says:

Its a very program

Thanks you

Oct 2, 09:20 AM

Splash says:

Cool Idea, looks pretty…

Oct 7, 11:23 PM

유승열 says:


Oct 13, 11:27 AM

reg says:


Oct 25, 11:47 AM

3nky says:

Très très bon programme…
Le meilleur pour moi.
Cependant il manque quelques options tags importante genre Lyrics etc…

Bonne continuation ;)

Oct 27, 12:24 PM

Furmiga says:

Very good program…
Just updating!!!

Oct 29, 03:50 PM

uncl-nis says:


CD Art is simplly mind-blowing, its just outstanding. Don’t understand how i could live without it! Great :-))

Oct 29, 11:42 PM

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