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Winamp CD Case & AlbumPlayer Case


Winamp CD Case is a skinnable Winamp front end that shows a CD Case (as a default skin) and the song's album cover with high quality image resample. Winamp CD Case will extract the cover from the song's folder, ID3v2 tag or download a missing one from internet. Winamp CD Case will work with Winamp, foobar2000 (requires Winamp API Emulator plugin) and regular audio CD. Other players, that follows the Winamp commands, may also work but a few limitations (e.g. MediaMonkey).

AlbumPlayer Case (a special edition of Winamp CD Case for AlbumPlayer) is an AlbumPlayer's add in that shows the cover from the current song in a skinned case on top of other windows or pinned to the desktop. It also shows current cover in system tray, shows a balloon tip everytime a new song is played, downloads a missing cover, makes possible to use multimedia keyboards with AlbumPlayer, has invisible playback controls on the case and many more!

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   Winamp CD Case (WCC) and AlbumPlayer Case (APC) features
  • skins (same skin engine for both versions)
  • show the CD cover from the current song
  • read cover from song's folder, a folder cache or ID3v2 tag (WCC) or from AlbumPlayer's database (APC)
  • skinnable (full png support)
  • download cover from Amazon (up to 6 for you to pick)
  • invisible buttons playback buttons: play, pause, next and previous
  • drag support for image (WCC and APC) and mp3 file (WCC)
  • customize song notifier, case size and more
  • pin to desktop
  • current cover as the system tray icon
  • and many more fetures... See Readme.txt or Help for details!

Download Winamp CD Case (history):

Download AlbumPlayer Case: